The Positive Solutions Academy

The Positive Solutions Academy teaches conflict prevention and resolution skills nationally. We cement skills through highly interactive participant engagement utilizing role playing and other exercises. And, our courses emphasize conflict scenarios appropriate for the participants. Training can be done on-site or virtually. Training formats include one-to-two-hour modules up to full day retreats.  Our mediator certification courses are designed to satisfy the Virginia Supreme Court’s certification standards.  We also provide mentoring to satisfy observation and co-mediation requirements.

Conflict Competency in the Workplace

Rather than hire outside mediators, in-house training to enhance the resolution skills of managers and their employees is becoming commonplace.  We have modules for managers, for teams and for protecting working relationships with external customers and vendors.

Conflict Competency at Home

Learn new skills to work through conflict dynamics as children grow into teenagers, when adult children return home, as aging parents require a new approach to the relationship or when spousal communication needs refreshing.

Conflict Competency for your Organization

Run a non-profit or another type of community-based organization?  Do you lead a department or state agency?  Are you on the professional staff of a local government?  Conflict resolutions skills training is not just for the private sector and for families.

Superior Communication Skills for Public Sector Leaders

Are you running for office or hold elected office already?  Have you been asked to Chair and Committee or Commission that interfaces with a variety of stakeholders including the public at large?  Are you tasked with ensuring civility in public meetings?  We can train you on how to manage these very public interactions with our resolution skills training.

Working Effectively with your Mediator

Designed for Attorneys who utilize mediation when appropriate for their clients, we provide general training.  This training is ideal for Law Firms who use “lunch and learns” to enhance the skills of their legal clients.  This course may also qualify for CLEs.

(Positive Solutions Group assists attorneys and/or their clients in developing successful mediation strategies.)

Customized Training

Facing a particular situation or series of events that requires specialized training?  We are happy to design a training program to meet your needs.

Breakouts for Conferences and Conventions

Always a crowd pleaser… if you are looking for a breakout to provide your participants with an entertaining and simultaneously skill enhancing topic?  We can tailor our 1–2-hour module to use examples and exercises that are relevant to the theme of your gathering.

Individual Training and Coaching

Looking to up your individual conflict prevention and resolution skills? We can consult, train and coach you to achieve your goals.  We can also be available to you for check-ins as needed.