Divorce is awful…
But it does not have to:

  • Diminish or deplete the marital wealth—the assets you have to divide
  • Cause your children to suffer from a long, drawn out and antagonistic legal battle
  • Result in a Court ruling that makes one of you a “winner” and the other a “loser” (there are no guarantees as to who will win)
  • Expose this very personal matter to the public in Court and in Court records
  • Leave you with no control over the outcome

Use Mediation: Your divorce may still be unpleasant but by using mediation the ruinous consequences enumerated above may be avoided and prevented. If you and your spouse agree to use Mediation, it will provide a safe environment where dignity is preserved while you and your spouse resolve your issues in a manner that is fair to both of you and in the best interest of your child(ren).

Mediation is affordable, fast and private.

Please call us to find out more. There is no charge for the call.