Positive Solutions Group Co-Founder Provides Civility Training

Posted on Nov 9, 2022

Recently Positive Solutions Group co-founder, Jane Dittmar, made a presentation, “Restoring Civility to the Public Square”. The presentation was made to members of the Virginia Mediation Network at its annual conference in Staunton. A description of this very timely presentation is below.

The media and appointed and elected leaders are decrying the disintegration of civil discourse in the public arena.  Citizens at public forums, attending to share their opinions or concerns, are confronting an increasingly hostile environment. Mediators, and our knowledgeable approach to information sharing and conflict resolution, are needed by our communities now more than ever.  In this presentation, attendees will learn which of our skills are most applicable and how to expand their practice by offering training on handling discourse in public forums more skillfully, especially when considering controversial topics.

Positive Solutions Group provides assistance to any entity desirous of restoring civility to the public square including individuals, local groups and governments.  We can assist by providing services such as presentations, workshops and coaching.