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Workplace Disputes Are Painful For All – Both the Employer and Employee Feel Wronged

An employee (and an employee’s family) who believes that he or she has been mistreated by an employer:

  • Is angry and hurt
  • Fears the loss of their economic well-being, and
  • Suffers the loss of self-esteem and their personal and professional network

An employer may feel that it has given a problem employee one opportunity after another, only to see the relationship devolve into:

  • Threats of litigation, and
  • An unproductive and/or disruptive employee in the workplace.

Workplace Disputes Are Well Suited For Mediation

When the employment relationship sours, both the employer and employee may need to find a method to resolve their conflict that is:

  • Efficient,
  • Cost effective, and
  • Confidential.

And that method is mediation.

Mediation Provides for Creative Solutions

Instead of protracted, often bitterly fought and expensive litigation, employment mediation allows employers and employees to find creative solutions—sometimes solutions that cannot be provided by a judge who is limited to remedies provided for by law.

Mediation Allows the Parties to Move On

Mediated solutions will allow both parties to move on— perhaps by continuing the employment relationship or crafting a mutually acceptable exit strategy.

Positive Solutions Group — Exceptional Mediator Expertise In Employment Mediation

With almost 20 years of experience mediating cases for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and private parties, POSITIVE SOLUTIONS GROUP offers subject matter expertise that makes us uniquely qualified to help the parties assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of their position and seek out creative remedies.

Whether the dispute involves a senior executive or an entry level worker, we can work with the parties to develop a solution far better than what may be available in litigation.

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