Personal Injury Mediation

The Choice Is Yours

You can resolve your personal injury claims by using mediation or by going to trial or filing a lawsuit. In making your choice there are important and compelling reasons for you to consider choosing mediation.

Control Over The Outcome Of The Case

Mediation allows you to control the outcome of a personal injury dispute. When a lawsuit for personal injury is filed and a trial becomes necessary, the decision maker is either a jury or a judge—not you. Usually the decision maker is a jury. The jury will be composed of strangers to you and the other side. Once the case is submitted to them for their decision, the ultimate outcome of your case is out of your hands— the outcome uncertain.
But in a mediation, it is you and the other party who make the final decision whether the case will be resolved without a trial and how your case will be resolved.

Mediation Works

Mediation is an effective means to resolving matters. Our experience is that more than 80% of the time the parties to a case are able to resolve their differences and settle their case using the mediation process. While there is no guarantee of success, when parties agree to mediate their personal injury case, there is a high likelihood they will of resolve the matter.

You Do Not Have To Wait

Once you have decide to use mediation you do not have to wait. Mediation is available to you before a suit is filed. While you cannot compel the other side to mediate, you can suggest mediation as a means to resolve the case without filing suit or going to trial.

Takes Less Time — Costs Less

Almost always a case will be resolved in Mediation more quickly than it can be resolved through litigation. And, think about it, if it takes less time it costs less.

Can Reduce Emotional Stress

Personal injury cases are emotional for all parties. Because mediation moves more quickly than litigation you to move on from the stress of the case sooner. Moreover during the mediation emotions the parties are experiencing can be heard and discussed.

Experienced Mediators

The mediation process is a most effective process for resolving your conflict. Choosing an experienced mediator makes it an even more effective process. At Positive Solutions Group, we have mediated to resolution many personal injury cases. The cases have involved many different types of injuries and claimed damages, including spinal injuries, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, claim for emotional damages, death and brain injury.

All mediations are confidential and nothing that occurs during the mediation can be used in court. Mediation provides a setting and process for you to resolve your dispute while avoiding the uncertainty of a jury decision and the expense of trial.

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