Roberta Miksad (Robin)

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Roberta Miksad (Robin)

Robin Miksad has provided mediation services for the greater Charlottesville area for twenty years, successfully mediating both private and court-referred cases.

Robin’s mediations have involved family matters including: Child custody and visitation arrangements, Couple’s separation (both married and unmarried couples), Division of property and divorce, Contested wills or unclear provisions in a will, and Managing shared care of a family member.

Robin’s mediations concerning workplace conflicts and commercial/business disputes have addressed issues including: Leadership and goal setting, Employer/employee conflicts, Landlord/tenant issues (such as unpaid rent, return of security deposit and other breach of lease issues), Dissolution of partnership, and Disputed property ownership.

Because mediation is really a guided conversation, participants learn more about the needs, feelings and expectations of the other party which can help parties really hear each other and help them negotiate a resolution. Many times, after a mediation session folks who came to mediation bitter and angry or stuck in a “position” (unwilling to give an inch), leave saying that it was the best conversation they had had with other party in a long time. The final product of mediation is a legally binding contract.

Prior to becoming a mediator, Robin held administrative positions at two major universities; taught business courses at the college level; and served on several boards of professional and non-profit organizations including the local chapter of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, and Friends of the UVA Library.

Her education includes an MBA (Organization Development) from Sloan School, MIT and an AB (Biology) from Harvard University.