PSG to Present Education Program to Members of Local Bar Association in November

Posted on Sep 9, 2019

The mediation firm of Positive Solutions Group mediators, in conjunction with the Virginia State Bar’s Fee Disputes Program will present a two hour Continuing Legal Education program to members of the Charlottesville Albemarle Bar association in November.

The first hour will consist of a presentation by the Virginia State Bar’s Fee Disputes Program on how lawyers and their clients may amicably resolve their fee disputes. The Program provides a lawyer and his/her client, who are engaged in a fee dispute, free mediation services.  The Program allows the lawyer and client to choose a mediator from a panel of mediators who have received special training just for mediation fee disputes.

Positive Solutions Group is proud to have two mediators, Jane Dittmar and Philip LaMar, participate in this program; they serve on a pro bono basis.

During the second hour Positive Solution’s Mediators, Jane Dittmar, Phil LaMar, Don Morin and Eric Paltell will provide training that, if implemented, should keep lawyers and their clients from ever have to avail themselves of the services of the courts and of the Fee Dispute Program. The presentation will review the Virginia State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct relative to communication with clients and charging fees. Attorney-mediators LaMar, Morin and Paltell will provide relevant experience and observations from their practices. Mediator Dittmar will provide roll play to emphasis significant fee dispute issues and best practices for resolving them.

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