Family Mediation

Family Disputes: The Most Painful Disputes

Taking family disputes to lawyers and courts can end the legal dispute but not the familial fracturing and emotional pain—these are most often worsened by the legal experience. And too often innocent people, such as children, are unintentionally affected victims of the legal process.

POSITIVE SOLUTIONS GROUP provides an alternative to the family for resolving their disputes — Mediation. Positive Solutions Group’s court-certified family mediators provide specialized family mediation services that include relationships between couples:

DIVORCE MEDIATION which involves the division of assets and debts, spousal support and issues related to children including custody, visitation, child support and maintaining a healthy (even if it is at arm’s length) relationship with one another for the sake of the children

SEPARATION MEDIATION which can involve some or all of the issues taken up in Divorce Mediation but it doesn’t necessarily have divorce as a goal.

UNMARRIED COUPLE MEDIATION which is a type of Separation Mediation. As the couple is not married they cannot obtain a legal divorce. This category also applies to same sex couples who wish to separate.

RECONCILIATION AGREEMENT MEDIATION in which a couple creates its own roadmap to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that threaten their relationship

PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT MEDIATION to resolve possible conflicts regarding assets etc. before the marriage occurs. It can also help the couple develop practical, positive ways to approach resolving conflicts arising once married.

OTHER FAMILY DISPUTES: Not all family disputes are couples matters. They include:

  • ESTATE DISPUTES in which heirs, often siblings, fight over a deceased relative’s estate.
  • FAMILY BUSINESS disputes in which family members are in conflict over control, ownership, future direction of the business and so on.

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